As we move into a change of Government in the UK, we give honour where it is due. We honour the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I believe that within a context of enormous pressure and hostile criticism he has sought to govern with integrity and faithfulness. Honour is due to him, his wife Sarah, and his family. We bless them in their future.
We also honour the incoming Prime Minister, his colleagues and family. We pray for them and bless them to do well.
We spent some time this evening praying for all the parties and blessing them, as we are instructed to in scripture. “Give thanks for those in authority”.
Honour is so very important. It enables a person to be all that they are. Dishonour is distasteful, breaking the spirit and shutting a person down.

Even Jesus was unable to function where He was dishonoured. Honour is a divine key for enabling the best to flow. How sad that so much of social life, church life, business and government is filled with dishonour. Sad, sad, sad.

We have had a great ‘Glory School’ here this last week. We honour Rob and Lyn Packer who came and ministered here. We honour the staff at the venue. We honour our team and members who served so faithfully. We honour the worship team. We honour God for His amazing love, and just because He is who He is.

Rob Packer brought an amazing teaching on Honour, on Sunday morning; the implications of which are revolutionary!! If you missed it, get hold of a copy.

Give honour where honour is due. Moaning releases destruction. Choose honour.

Wes 11/5/10


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