What a privilege it was to share with Paul and Helen and their family and friends as they renewed their marriage vows together after 34 years.

Paul & Helen renewalThe service took place in Wheatpieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury on Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere was one of awe and joy and appreciation to God. The service was led jointly by Wes & Sharron Boxall, and worship led by Rebecca and Colin Boucker. Paul and Helen testified in their vows to God’s goodness to them as a couple and made promises for the future. A short address was given by Colin Sinclair, former pastor of Prior’s Park Chapel in Tewkesbury; who had also conducted the couple’s original wedding. Church leaders, family members, and friends gathered around the couple to pray for God’s blessing on their future together, and to express the honour that was in God’s heart for them.

Many of the couple’s original wedding guests were also present for the renewal service as well as family and new friends. The service was followed by photographs within the grounds of the Centre, and a fabulous buffet meal, with a chance to catch up with people. It was indeed a wonderful occasion, and underscored afresh the Godly importance of marriage and family.



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