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LetterA Letter from God:

“I  knew you before time began. I know how many hairs are on your head. Like parent, like child, you’re created in My image. I have plans for you.

I’ve also given you the ‘gifts’ needed to fulfil them; and what I give, nobody can take away. But don’t neglect them; exercise them, and stir them up daily.

Rest assured, I’ve started a good work in you and I’m going to finish it.
I always complete what I begin. My Word concerning you is forever settled, and My commitment to you is unending.

In this life you will have challenges, but cheer up; I’ve robbed satan of his power to control you and the world of its power to destroy you.

When you’re in trouble remember, I’m present to help. Give Me your burdens and I will sustain you. When you’re stressed out and worn down by the pressures of life, lean on Me. I will be your rock, your fortress, your deliverer and your strength.

Even though you fail from time to time, you won’t be discarded because I am upholding you. But a word of caution: don’t take advice from those who are spiritually blind and don’t hang out with sceptics.

Delight yourself in My Word and, like a big oak tree growing by a river, you’ll prosper in all you do.

PS I’d love to hear back from you.”

(shared in Golden Valley Church 2oth June 2010 by Ian Bull)

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