We are looking forward to the visit of Steve and Sandra Long, senior pastors of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (now renamed “Catch the Fire, Toronto”) in two weeks time.

It’s three years since they were with us in Golden Valley Church, and we are pleased to welcome them back, as colleagues and friends. Steve and Sandra have been in pastoral ministry at TACF since the early days of renewal there in 1994. In January 2006 they were commissioned as Senior Pastors by John and Carol Arnott.

They specialise in healing and freedom, and share a desire to see people released into effective ministry that impacts their area and the wider world. We know that this will be a time when the Holy Spirit is present and God’s Love is released.

Renewal Meeting will take place at the Cheltenham Regency Hotel on Tuesday 17th August 2010 at 7:30pm. There is no charge, but a (good) offering will be taken.



  1. Steve and Sandra’s ministry is amazing! They cut to the chase and get right to heart – like Jesus did!

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