by Jean Packer

Sunday 15th August was an awe-inspiring meeting in Golden Valley Church. The worship had already begun when I arrived and I seemed to enter into a cloud of Glory that was increasingly descending upon the place. The cares of my week diminished and were put into right perspective in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. The Lord showed me a picture of an old-fashioned western ‘ghost’ town that was dry and barren with great swirling grasses rolling through the main street. Then I saw  this view roll back to reveal a beautiful city of sparkling gems, pearls and colour. The former, sepia picture faded away in comparison to the magnificent richness of the ‘sparkling city’ before me. God said to me “which is your perspective? Look and see the kingdom truth with my eyes”!

During the worship Sue  T testified to a recent experience when the Holy Spirit was flowing into her heart, going deeper into areas where there were hard and dry places. Seeds were lying dormant within her. Wes encouraged us to allow the Holy Spirit to touch these areas in our own hearts and he reminded us of the word from the previous week  ‘ God wants us to give Him our weaknesses’.  He strongly roused us to look at our good inheritance that was lying dormant within us, we were inspired to take hold of all of it and walk in the fullness of our calling. A Healing ‘soaking’ pool opened up on the left side of the room and Wes exhorted us to go over and receive a touch from God. This was powerful and I felt that there were angels all around. Several people received a waterfall of passion and joy! One person testified to feeling God’s love flowing over and within her as she was enveloped with His assurance and peace. Later, Mick brought testimonies that emphasised two different keys that unlocked people’s healing. One key being ‘repentance’ and the other key ‘forgiveness’.

Muriel conveyed a powerful word from Acts 16:9 –15. She shared about the few faithful women who were praying in Macedonia which was a place in decline, yet we saw how God will go to places that man would disregard. It was through women praying that released the men. As a result, Paul had a vision of a man pleading with him to come to Macedonia and he went there. We realised that praying women open the heavens and release the harvest! We then prayed corporately that the men of our society would be released to be who God has called them to be and laid hands on the men in our own congregation. We prayed that the heart, and the will of God that was within them would be released in the kingdom, that they would grow strong and take their rightful place. Then the men prayed for the women. This was powerful! We went home awestruck of the possibilities set before us as we contemplated what God will do through us as we totally submit our hearts to Him.

Isn’t that mind-blowing? What will happen when the men and women of God take hold of their full inheritance and become the people that they are called to be? Can you see it? Taste it? Feel it? Wow! Lets be those people! Experience the fullness of God! Each one of us is unique, with a unique calling and destiny to fulfil. God wants us to be who we are! Isn’t that liberating? Open and Transparent. Just like Jesus!


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