by Jean Packer

More Lord, CheltenhamThere were around 100 people gathered at the Cheltenham Regency Hotel on Tuesday evening, for our ‘More Lord’ conference, with Pastor Steve Long from Toronto, Canada.

It was great to join together in worship and encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit within this comfortable venue. The staff were very welcoming too and some were interested to know and see what we were there for! We believe that a deposit of His glory has been left behind and that many people will be touched as they experience the presence of Jesus – Praise God! We have a great worship team! The worship was very potent and we rapidly became lost in His presence as we were drawn into the throne room of His Glory. This was enjoyed by all and our hearts were united as His presence was multiplied!

Steve LongSteve began by building our faith with many healing testimonies given through ordinary people, speaking about how God uses whosoever will allow themselves to be His vessels. He shared Gods heart to touch us and heal us and explained that ‘Sozo’ means ‘complete healing and wholeness’. Yet God doesn’t wait for us to be perfect in order use us. He will take us as we are. Sometimes we don’t know how to pray but God uses us anyway because Its not about us doing it, but allowing Him to flow through us. Simple faith! Do we really believe God’s word! Steve empathised some keys to healing. Keys of forgiveness and confession. He highlighted the importance of not judging others or going to sleep with anger in our hearts. We were also shown how we need to deal with ungodly beliefs that prevent us from stepping out in childlike faith to give and receive our healing.

Pastor Steve continued by sharing the longing of God to activate in us three main areas of restoration: 1/ Relationships 2/ Finance and 3/Healing. Many people responded to these areas of need and we were encouraged to lay hands upon, and pray for one another. One young man said that he did not know what to do because he had just come along with a friend! Steve told him that he could say whatever he thought of and God would lead him in his prayer. When the young man prayed, the receiver testified to being healed! This was truly a demonstration of Gods power and we all laughed with pleasure and delight at what God had done!

Testimonies of HealingThe ministry time was quite long as many people had responded to prayer. There was a great deal of spiritual activity amongst us as the Holy Spirit worked and people were touched, healed and set free to a larger extent of wholeness. Around 15 people came forward to share their testimonies of healing. Half of them were healed completely and the others were 50% healed! I can personally testify that my crooked right leg and knee received a measure of straightening and healing – and pain was removed! Steve concluded the meeting by announcing that after ministry and prayer we needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit! We had great fun, joy and laughter as the Holy Spirit came upon us and filled us!

It was great to have Steve with us again. His clarity of thought enabled him to impart what he carried to us plainly. This means that we can receive and run with these truths ourselves! We can all be used by God to bring a healing touch to others. Simply step out and obey! ‘More Lord!


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