Sunday September 26th in the UK is National Back To Church Sunday.

Why do people stop going to church? Why do they never start attending? And when they do attend, do they really become a part of a real fellowship of God’s people?

In the USA, yesterday was ‘Back to Church Sunday’. Reasons why people stop attending there are probably not all the same as in the UK, but here are a few statements people make.

“Church is boring / irrelevant to my life”
“I felt isolated and alone, even in church”
“My children were not adequately catered for”
“I didn’t fit in: there was no-one else like me there”
“Christians are selfish people”
“They were always asking for money”
“The services were weird”
“We should get out of church and go and help where it really counts”
“Church is only for the elderly and the weak”

How many of these statements have some validity? As Christians are we still relevant and are we welcoming and friendly? What would you say to the above?

We will be putting out some leaflets in the community for Sunday 26th September. Can you pray? Can you help be a welcomer? Will you be real? Would you like to come back to church yourself?

You are welcome in Golden Valley Church.


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