What a fantastic Sunday morning it was in God’s Presence yesterday!! Wow and ‘many wows’ again!! How privileged are we in Golden Valley Church that God in His love and kindness continues to show up at the meetings and connect with us in His awesome holiness.

After giving thanks, as it was Remembrance Sunday, for all those who gave their lives in war so that we could have freedom, and taking time to pray for the personnel and families at our own local NATO unit, wishing to give honour, we began in worship, thanking Jesus for His death that brought us life and freedom, and there was an immediate way open into the Father’s awesome Presence.

It was the kind of morning where we could have stayed there forever, as He continually invited us to come in deeper, as we are!

One was aware of God being there, seeing us, and speaking. How holy it was. How tangibly we were in His Throne Room!!

The speaker later in the meeting was Mick Taylor, regional ‘Catch the Fire’ representative. Mick spoke on ‘Crossing Over to the Other Side’, basing his talk on Mark ch. 5 where Jesus crossed over to the Gadarenes –  a land forgotten and dark. And yet He had an appointment there with a man who was deranged, chained, and rejected, but who despite the demonic in his life, ran to worship Jesus and call for His help. Jesus met him where he was, and healed him, and set him free.

Maybe at this time God is calling us to ‘cross over’ into areas of life that are unfamiliar and even ‘threatening’ to us, and yet where He has divine appointments lined up. What will we do? Stay in the familiar and comfortable (boring), or go on an exciting adventure with Him into new things, and carry His awesome love and presence with us to others who are in need?!!


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