It’s summer holiday time. A time for many, to relax, hang out with friends and family, go away, and enjoy the sunshine. Isn’t it great that in all our much needed rest times, God Himself  “neither slumbers nor sleeps” but faithfully continues caring for us and watching over His promises to fulfil them.

Our teaching in GVC the past two Sundays has been a reminder to us that in all our summer changes prayer is still absolutely vital!

We looked at the two prayers of Paul the Apostle in Ephesians chapters 1 and 3. The first is a prayer for revelation. The second is a prayer for impartation. In a world that is swamped in information – far too much information – what is needed is revelation and impartation from God.

Paul prays we would have revelation of three things: the Hope of God’s calling on us, the Riches of His Inheritance in us, and the greatness of His Power towards us. This can’t come by the human mind – only by the Holy Spirit. He has to reveal it all. As He does everything changes!

Paul also prays for that we would have an impartation of strength in our inner man, that Christ dwells in us by faith, and we are absolutely taken over by His love. Love changes everything.

We have another prayer that we will be looking at in a couple weeks time. This is Nehemiah’s prayer, when He is faced with news of the state of Jerusalem, in Neh. 1. He is so sensitized in prayer that he weeps and fasts and calls on God because the news has touched him deep inside. How often we are totally de-sensitized by life and the world around us; by sin and acceptance of ungodly things!

As we proceed from here. Let’s pray these prayers: Revelation, Impartation, Sensitisation. May God bless you this summer.


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