Miranda Nelson at Love Revolution

Wow!! What can we say except “Thank You Jesus!” The Love Revolution conference was truly an amazing time of worship, healing, encounter and teaching. We are so blessed that Jerame and Miranda Nelson were able to be with us.

They flew in straight from San Diego and began the awesome ministry the following day, not allowing jet lag to hinder them. Instead they were eager to share God’s heart of love, and His amazing presence.

Jerame Nelson at Love Revolution

We saw several significant healings take place throughout the weekend, and the lives of those attending were refreshed, renewed and challenged by the anointed teaching and stories of what God is doing today.

A big word of thanks also to the staff at the Hallmark Hotel, Gloucester, who accommodated Golden Valley Church in the Parkside Suite, and catered for us so efficiently.

It is clear that this was a time of ‘Shift’ for GVC and for the city. Praise God!

Worship at Love Revolution

“Fire on you!”



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