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On Friday 27th July we will be holding a special ‘House of Prayer’ session at ‘the Firehouse’ from 8am to 9am in conjunction with other prayer and worship across various parts of the country.

According to the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham (UK), on July the 27th 1942, the then Prime Minister of Britain, Sir Winston Churchill, requested that all the church bells should be rung across the UK. He later stated that up to the bells being rung we had lost every battle; after the bells had been rung we won every battle.

On July 27th (the day when the Olympic Games start in the evening) at 8:12am exactly 70 years to the day, from the last day of the first battle of El Alamein, the Olympic Committee has asked that all the bells across the nation should be rung.

Everyone in the UK is invited to ring thousands of bells at the same time, whether school bells, church bells, town hall bells,  bicycle bells, or door bells (

“We invite everyone to stop and pray at 8:12am for His Kingdom to come and for a turning to come in our nations.”

Do it again Lord!

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