I came downstairs this morning, sometime after my wife, to the sound of an ‘old’ Hillsong cd playing; “For This Cause”. I’d forgotten what an amazing set of truly anointed worship this is!! From the stirring song ‘Faith’ to the intimate love song ‘It is You’. As I listen I am simply drawn back into God’s Presence. So precious!

“This treasure that I hold, more than finest gold, Jesus it is You..” How relevant are those words right now to me, to us, to Golden Valley Church! In an age where we become bored with everything and move on so swiftly to the next thing, there’s some amazing life and hidden nuggets of gold from the Father in here. Don’t move on too fast, savour the nourishment inside the sweet!

I want to take a moment here and truly honour Hillsong Church, its pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, its worship pastors, Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Miriam Webster, etc. Who can tell the impact that they have truly had in this generation? Thanks guys, you are true treasures, a priceless gift to the Body of Christ worldwide.

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