Trials of JobThe Bible story of Job isn’t an easy one to handle. For starters at the beginning it reads like a news broadcast of one catastrophe after another, only from a ‘supernatural’ perspective rather than a humanistic viewpoint. It also deals with loss, suffering, and attempts to explain disaster by a bunch of friends. Yet through it all Job patiently pursued God as good.

Sharron will be preaching this Sunday on Job as a man of prayer. Why not come along to the ‘Firehouse’ and hear, and receive more of God’s love for yourself, into your losses and questions.


6 thoughts on “THE TRIALS OF JOB

  1. Sharron it was the best talk I’ve EVER heard on Job, you did an awesome job of Job!! Tee Hee. Thanks for all the preparation and time you spent so that you could invest in us :). Sarah

  2. Thanks Sharron. You brought out such deep truth. I didn’t realise all the heart attitudes that were there and much more too. You opened up the book of Job so powerfully….. You are an amazing woman of God to aspire to. Jean xx

  3. Dear Sharon, This was indeed a Holy Spirit powerful message you brought . Thank you to Him and to you. I love the thought to remember that even through the ‘bad’ things that happen in our lives God is always with the intention of aligning/positioning us closer to Him. The prayers on judgements are something to continually bear in mind/heart/spirit. So appreciate the wonderful woman of God you are Sharon. Eternity will show the impact you truly have through God in lives of others.

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