Today the coaches left for Wembley! And Golden Valley Church was included in the masses travelling down to the great stadium for the National Day of Prayer and Worship 2012.
Our coach from Gloucester/Cheltenham was completely full in the enthusiasm to be part of this amazing historic gathering of Christians from across the UK traveling to the city to seek God for our nation.
The National Day of Prayer is the vision of Jonathan Oloyede who had several vivid visions of renewal, revival and transformation coming to the UK. These included graphic pictures of Wembley Stadium filled to capacity with worshipping and praying Christians. The inspiration which sparked him into action was a vision of people all over the four Nations praying the Lord’s Prayer at the same time; in pubs, churches, schools, offices, homes and on the streets. As the Christians prayed in one accord, Light and Healing spread across the British Isles.

National Day of Prayer’s website is . Live Streaming of the event was made available by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB).


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