It will be our pleasure to welcome Pastor Claude Ezagouri to Golden Valley Church next Friday evening.

Together with his wife, Michelle, Claude pastors the ‘Morning Star Fellowship’ in Tiberias, Galilee, a famous Biblical town.

The Morning Star Fellowship was founded in 1990, and involves evangelism to both Jews and non-Jews. The fellowship has been called a house of prayer for all nations: a light that will guide  people in the dark Galilee of the end times before the coming of Yeshua the Sun of Righteousness (Mal. 4:2).

Their Vision is to show the Jews in the Galilee that Yeshua (Jesus) has not forgotten this area where He taught and did so many miracles.

Claude says, “We want to show our Jewish brothers and sisters that Yeshua (Jesus) is firstly the Messiah of the Jews and that He still loves them with an everlasting love. We are also in the process of renovating a building in the center of Tiberias which will serve as a Messianic center where Jews and non-Jews in Christ will be able to worship and pray together. We also want to bless our community through several projects.”


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