I came across a tweet from Bishop T D Jakes which stood out among the plethora of words talking to me from my computer. I posted it on Facebook and have received several responses to it with people wanting to talk about it or comment on it.

TWITTER @BishopJakes
“Those who really love you will speak the truth to you at the risk of falling out with you. Loving truth from a friend is better than gold.”

This is a great quote and increasingly vital for all of us if we want to truly make our lives count and not be sidetracked or deceived by our own ‘self-blindness’ along the way. True friends who will lovingly but obstinately speak the key things we really need to hear are very rare. If you have one – hang on to them and don’t get offended when they say something you don’t like! I speak to myself here also!! Ha ha.

May we all find friendships this year that have this priceless quality about them. I pray in GVC as we develop more ‘church as family’ this aspect – truly loving and lovingly true – will develop more. Have a blessed 2013.



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