Thank you for sharing this, Michele.

Note: I hadn’t meant this to be reposted initially, just to thank Michele. But somehow it reblogged! So let it touch you today. May Father bless you.

(Michele Perry was leader of IRIS ministries Sudan, for several years. Please visit her blog for more, or get her books from Amazon. And let’s pray for her, and for the ‘family’ left in Sudan.)


D. Michele Perry

picure-1 Leaving these two and the 120+ more behind ripped my world apart and my heart with it.  Daughter in the blue spent her first few weeks with us sleeping right by my side, that is when she slept.  Daughter in the sundress came into my world and shone with the truth of her name, Light of the Father.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  I was supposed to grow old seeing them grow up.  Be there for skinned knees and first days and graduations.  To celebrate dreams coming true and to catch them when learning to fly didn’t work out as planned.  Or at the very least I was supposed to die trying.

I didn’t have a plan B.  Plan A was everything.  Plan A was take hold of the nation Jesus had planted me in. Regardless of violence and danger and being allergic to the dietary staples and…

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