Victorious LivingWhat a great weekend it was in Golden Valley Church with our friend and visiting speaker, Scott Dalton, from Toronto, Canada.
Scott shared powerfully again the truths from the Word of God that enable us as Christians to live in the blessings of God.
Over the weekend he emphasised the two keys: receiving and abiding. These two keys relate to everything God does for us. For it to be personally effective, we first must receive it, then we must abide, or remain, it it.
So often Christians come to conferences and ‘receive’ something from God, but then allow it to slip away, and most of its impact is lost. ‘Abiding’ is vital follow-through.
Scott Dalton On the Sunday morning, Scott preached on the well-known and well-loved story of the ‘prodigal son’ (or more correctly, the ‘loving father’). The Father’s love was again received and known by many, in tangible ways.
Audio sets are available from our church office.


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