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Guarding and purifying our hearts is the most important thing we can do on a regular routine.  "... if we don't let God deal with every part of our pasts, our hurts, our secrets, our errors in judgement, our mistakes, our sins, our handicaps in our backgrounds, any one of them can be like a… Continue reading BEWARE THE HIBERNATING BEARS

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I came across a tweet from Bishop T D Jakes which stood out among the plethora of words talking to me from my computer. I posted it on Facebook and have received several responses to it with people wanting to talk about it or comment on it. TWITTER @BishopJakes "Those who really love you will… Continue reading TWITTER QUOTE

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I'm writing this short blog from the 2012 Revival Alliance conference in Birmingham, England. About three thousand people have registered to attend across the two venues. I'm at the meetings in the New Testament Church of God in Handsworth -  a lovely venue and facilty. This year the event is being hosted by Catch the… Continue reading REVIVAL ALLIANCE



I came downstairs this morning, sometime after my wife, to the sound of an 'old' Hillsong cd playing; "For This Cause". I'd forgotten what an amazing set of truly anointed worship this is!! From the stirring song 'Faith' to the intimate love song 'It is You'. As I listen I am simply drawn back into… Continue reading FOR THIS CAUSE

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by Wes Boxall Having spent several hours this past week in our month of prayer sessions, especially crying out to God for our nation and Government, and for Him to raise up the godly in authority, and then having spoken this weekend on our "School of Prophets" regarding the prophetic voice being released into every… Continue reading THE DANIEL VOICE

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Work is going ahead on the Omega Healing Centre church in Kampala pastored by our friends Livingstone and Betty Wagaba. After using 'temporary' wooden structures with tin roofs for the church and school - which they have had to enlarge several times to accommodate everyone wanting to attend - they are now in the process… Continue reading UGANDA CHURCH NEW BUILD