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Here's the recent update from Maggie in South Africa. [Maggie is an important part of the pastoral team of Golden Valley Church, and is currently serving God with IRIS Ministries].   So I’ve been back in SA just over three months since my visit home. It took a couple of days to settle back in… Continue reading MAGGIE’S UPDATE, NOVEMBER 2018

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Next week we have David Silver from "Out of Zion Ministries" in Golden Valley Church, on Tuesday 14th February. David has been a regular visiting speaker in Gloucester for a number of years, and we are pleased to host him here on this occasion. He will be speaking on World Events in the Light of… Continue reading WORLD EVENTS AND BIBLE PROPHECY

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Rutie Ballestas from "Fruto del Espiritu" shared a presentation in GVC of her work in Columbia, helping farmers to grow and market unique, exotic fruits in place of their previous cocaine crops. The Colombian Government and Guerillas recently came to an agreement for peace, and have carried out a joint mine-clearing operation. Agrarian reform and… Continue reading EXOTIC FRUIT

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Please guys, pray for Israel and for Benjamin Netanyahu! There's something very urgent in the Spirit right now. If the church is going to partner with God in HIS purposes, then she MUST stand guard over the nation He has chosen and loved. Netanyahu's speech to US Congress yesterday was strategic and historic. Right now… Continue reading SENTRIES WHO GUARD JERUSALEM

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It is 100 days from the 70th anniversary of the ending of the holocaust in the liberation of Auschwitz (27th January 2015) until the General Election in Britain on 7th May 2015. We believe this hundred days is vital for prayer, as the choice made by the British people this time round will significantly shape… Continue reading SEVENTY YEARS AND ONE HUNDRED DAYS

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This Sunday is "International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church." Golden Valley Church will be participating with a special service focusing on the nations where Christianity is being attacked and threatened. Prayer items and DVD's focusing in on two nations - Iran and Nigeria - will form the centre of our presentation. In the… Continue reading THE PERSECUTED CHURCH

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What a pleasure it was to host Pastors Claude and Michele Ezagouri from Tiberias in Galilee. Their church, Morning Star Fellowship, is an important centre of prayer and worship in Galilee, reaching out to Jews and non-Jews with a variety of projects. Pastor Claude reminded the church of the strategic importance of Israel in terms… Continue reading RETURN VISIT OF GALILEAN PASTOR

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Thank you for sharing this, Michele. Note: I hadn't meant this to be reposted initially, just to thank Michele. But somehow it reblogged! So let it touch you today. May Father bless you. (Michele Perry was leader of IRIS ministries Sudan, for several years. Please visit her blog for more, or get her books from… Continue reading WHOLEHEARTED FAITH

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I don't think it is without significance that on the morning of the twentieth anniversary of the "Toronto Blessing" I sat in my hotel watching Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressing the Israeli Knesset and pledging the ongoing support of his nation to Israel. Two poignant moments occurred together for Canada - honouring revival and… Continue reading ISRAEL AND REVIVAL