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I’m attempting to take time to prepare sessions for next week’s School of the Heart in Golden Valley Church, but I’m feeling very stirred prophetically about a few things, which I feel the need to put on paper.

I am aware right now of the word I shared a couple of months back in GVC, that it was a “Year of Change” – that May 17 to May 18 was that year. Much change would happen or could happen. But there was an emphasis on “MAY” [which was interesting as it was also the name of the Prime Minister, who at that time was standing for re-election]. This is a play on words. It’s about choice and it’s about giving God permission to do what He is wanting.

Even in this nation, as the ruling name is ‘May’ I believe there is an unprecedented season of choice before us.


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We pray you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. May you know the immense love of God the Father, drawing you to Himself, through His Son, Jesus Christ.


The planned workday on Saturday 1st December for painting the fences at the Firehouse has been cancelled due to the severe and damp weather conditions. The work will be rescheduled for the Spring.


The AGM of Golden Valley Church will be held at the ‘Firehouse’ Coney Hill on Saturday 30th June 2012. All church members are invited to attend. The first session will begin at 3pm.