by Jean Packer

Sunday March 6th

What an incredible worship time we had this morning! It was truly very special, particularly today, as we shared in the dedication service for Nathan and Nahid’s children Noah and Sophia. It was such a privilege to be part of this beautiful time in their lives and commit ourselves as the body of believers to uphold and encourage them in their walk with Jesus. It is so special when parents dedicate their children to the Lord and we heard how ‘Hannah’ dedicated her son to God (1 Samuel 1:11). Wes shared from Matthew 18: 1- 5 when the disciples asked “Who is greater in the Kingdom?” and Jesus told them that we should humble ourselves and become as little children. Jesus also went on to tell the parable of the lost sheep Matthew 11-14. God is not willing to let the smallest of his sheep perish. He loves each one so much.

The pastoral team came forward to release blessing and to prophesy over the family that wisdom from heaven would be downloaded into their hearts and that God had plans to prosper and give them hope. Blessing would be within their home and that it would be a resting place. This was a special day for a special family and God would protect them throughout their lives. They are Heirs to a promise and rich in Him! God has presented them to us to pray, think and care for!

We were also very pleased to celebrate with coffee and cake afterwards! It was very good to mingle, chat and catch up with one another during this time and when we came back to our seats

Ian continued the meeting by bringing the word to us from Acts 21:21-37. Through showing us Paul’s interpretation on life we heard again the call to go deeper in God and to follow Him wholeheartedly. God is able to do all things and meet all our needs. God’s choice in Paul is amazing! He was a Pharisee, persecuting Jesus! Yet God chose him. Likewise He has chosen each one of us. If God is for us! Who can be against us? (Romans 8:28-31).


It was a great privilege for a Wes & Sharron, and Becks with Solly, to attend the wedding of Anna Finnegan to Tyrone Power in Waterford, Ireland, on Saturday.

Anna has partnered with us in ministry both in Ireland and as a regular member of our summer teams to Russian youth camps over many years. She has been an invaluable part of the teams and her humour and fun-loving approach has endeared her to the rest of the teams, and to the Russian youth and children we have worked with.

The wedding took place in the Theatre Royal, Waterford, followed by a reception in the Grand Hotel, Tramore.

We pray for the couple as they begin their new phase of life together, and wish God’s richest blessings on them and their families.


It is with great pleasure that we have news from our colleagues in Kisumu that the kitchen in Jagir Singh school has now been completed.

In partnership with New Life Church Ross-on-Wye we have been coordinating a feeding program in the school for several years. Previously the lunch-time meals provided for all students in the school were prepared out in the open on the ground.

Thanks to the support of a US donor new classrooms and kitchen structures were built. And thanks to donors here in the UK the kitchen has now been completed with chimney and fittings.

We thank God for this facility which can only be of great benefit to the children of migrant sugar cane workers, who are among the poorest of the poor.

Thank you everyone who has prayed and those who have contributed to this project.