A few days ago I had one of those brief but memorable one-scene visions in a dream. I saw a roll of old film negatives hanging suspended. And I heard the words, “You’re looking at the negatives!” I knew God was speaking clearly and powerfully to me.


There was a rich play on words again. The reality was I had been focused more on my challenges and the things I couldn’t see happening – the ‘negatives’ in my life – than I had on God’s character and promises.

It’s easy to do that in a time of pressure, or, as we’ve talked about before, during a ‘season change’ where the grey of winter is hanging on. I thought about the greys and blacks of old monochrome film negatives, and realised I was living with the same kind of approach to certain areas of life. Some of the time I had been focusing on what wasn’t happening, and what seemed to be going in the wrong or a challenging direction. I was conscious of negatives.


As I reflected on this mini-dream it became apparent that the old film negatives are actually the very reverse of the real picture! When the negatives are processed into photographs everything is turned around the other way. The negative simply represents the opposite of the finished article!

I began to see that God was speaking here; that the negatives in our lives and circumstances are not the real picture but are the reverse of what He is going to produce in finality.

In the short words, “You’re looking at the negatives” was firstly an encouragement to see beyond the grey, secondly, an exhortation to recognise that the problems were not the end of the story, and thirdly, a promise that the opposite of the negative was being lined up in some way by our Loving Heavenly Father.

If you are focused on negatives, put them into Jesus’s loving hands. Ask Him to process them until they transition into the true picture. Ultimately His plans are to prosper us and to do us good; to give us a future and a hope. He has already written the books and ‘made the films’ of our lives in advance for those who love Him.


Bless you loads.




I’m attempting to take time to prepare sessions for next week’s School of the Heart in Golden Valley Church, but I’m feeling very stirred prophetically about a few things, which I feel the need to put on paper.

I am aware right now of the word I shared a couple of months back in GVC, that it was a “Year of Change” – that May 17 to May 18 was that year. Much change would happen or could happen. But there was an emphasis on “MAY” [which was interesting as it was also the name of the Prime Minister, who at that time was standing for re-election]. This is a play on words. It’s about choice and it’s about giving God permission to do what He is wanting.

Even in this nation, as the ruling name is ‘May’ I believe there is an unprecedented season of choice before us.

Even in this nation, as the ruling name is ‘May’ I believe there is an unprecedented season of choice before us. It is obvious in a way with issues like Brexit being negotiated, but I think it is more subtle than that as well. There is much that God is asking the church to lay hold of, to intercede over, to declare and to decree.

He is constantly saying “May I… Will you let Me do this or that? Will you give Me this decision? Will you allow Me to change this thing or that thing in your life; to take you where I have chosen.

I think it’s a time which has echoes of Jesus’s words to Peter, “Another will clothe you and take you where you don’t want to go.” Peter was no doubt freaked out by that ‘promise’, but he came round to making it his own choice. In effect he said to Jesus, “Yes, You MAY do that with me [because I love You, I trust You, and I believe that the greater glory will follow].”


So I feel to gently challenge us not to treat lightly the choices that are before us, even those which are seemingly minor or insignificant, or those which have no emotional thrill attached. He is saying over and over, “What do you choose? Will you choose Me? Will you choose My Presence over your pleasures? Will you choose to listen attentively to what I am saying to you? Will you seek it out until you understand it, even if at first it mystifies you?”

The last few days, I keep seeing the equation, “DISTRACTION = DESTRUCTION”. This is serious, yet my soul doesn’t get it like it should! My natural reasoning tends to measure distractions by their perceived ‘size’ – just five minutes, etc. Yet, increasingly I think, some of the deposits of heavenly gold are destined for that ‘just five minutes’.

I keep seeing the equation, “DISTRACTION = DESTRUCTION”

What are we being distracted with? Ultimately we need to wise up that our enemy will literally stack up the distractions. They will stand like a queue of visitors outside our door, and we will have to choose over and over to say, “You know what, you can all wait outside the door right now!”

Why do these distractions come? To destroy! We see momentary ‘buzz’ but the devil sees longer term destruction. Sure, we remain saved. We’ll go to heaven…and to church again next Sunday. We’ll even pick up our Bible again the next day. But if something is a distraction, it has been assigned to us to destroy something. It’s the “little foxes” that creep in under the hedge and look so cute we can’t bear to shoot them! But they eat the grapes, or they knock them off the vine in their rough and tumble playtime. And when it comes to new wine time, we don’t have any, because the distractions came in and destroyed the wine before it could be fermented.

What is the obvious result? We have to go round another set of seasons to grow some more. Our destiny is delayed. Maybe when we are younger that doesn’t seem so bad as the years stretch ahead of us. But the reality is for all of us older or younger, there is something about right now being the accepted time – Heaven’s choice time. May it be ours. The nations are on a precipice. Political scenarios could go in either direction. There is a great harvest out there to be gathered in. Waves of revival are poised over the planet. And over and over, there is a call to us to “Come up higher”; to enter into heavenly realms and rooms where we have never or rarely been.

Take times when you tell Facebook to ‘split’! That is get in God’s FACE and get in His BOOK!

Connected to this is another element  that is in my atmosphere right now. It’s that of closing doors. I think Holy Spirit is gently – maybe not so gently – blowing on some of the parts of our present lives to close them off. This is because their time is over. They belonged to a previous season, but not to the next one. They were good then, but if allowed to remain into the next season they will become stale, and eventually disgustingly mouldy. Their staleness would permeate everything in the next season if He allows them to remain. But of course, again, there is a divine, “MAY I? Will you let me close this one off now?” And we can say ‘yes’ or we can say ’no’. But be assured, so much hangs on those little words.

Holy Spirit is blowing on some of the parts of our present lives to close them off

I’ve been spending a bit of time in Acts 16 recently. This is partly due to our own involvement in Macedonian Greece, and my desire to understand the initial wells which were dug in the Spirit two millennia ago. But one of the issues that is tugging at me again is that Paul and team HAD TO go through a period of CLOSED DOORS. It was in God’s plan for them. He set them up to encounter things that didn’t happen like they assumed they would. But He was using the closed doors to reposition a complete shift in their focus. They were looking one way, He was looking in the opposite direction. So I feel strongly to encourage us not to despise the shutting of doors, even if it seems like that season is more prolonged than you would like it to be. We must ‘GET it’. God shuts doors. God shuts things down. Within the sphere of earth, God works in seasons. Leaves which were luscious have to dry up and fall off.


For Paul and team, the season of closed doors led them to a higher level encounter, which led to an open door into Macedonia, Greece, and Europe. The gospel hit our continent because of closed doors in the opposite direction! We don’t usually appreciate the ramifications of God closing doors and opening others. But in heaven’s purposes they are far reaching and often set up a legacy for others to experience, or be influenced by.

We are the DOORKEEPERS of our doors. What we open and shut affects everyone and everything on the other side of the particular door. Jesus said He was the ‘door’, and the ‘door of the sheep’. As the unique Saviour of the world He opened up a door for us which only He could do. He was and is our (only) door into salvation, redemption, and the Mountain of God. However, as a leadership principle, we are all ‘doors of the sheep’ wherever we are called to lead or pioneer (family, church, business, missions, community, etc.). What we are; what we allow; what we open and shut affects more people and more situations than we realise.

Often when there is a seasonal shift, the doors carry far more weight to them. And often there is a challenge to choose something that is beyond – maybe way outside – our comfort zone or the sphere of familiarity. But it it in those places – when they are ordained by God – that our true destiny is discovered, and a legacy is set up that stretches far beyond what our own eyes can see.

Wes Boxall


I70t is 100 days from the 70th anniversary of the ending of the holocaust in the liberation of Auschwitz (27th January 2015) until the General Election in Britain on 7th May 2015. We believe this hundred days is vital for prayer, as the choice made by the British people this time round will significantly shape the nation’s destiny.

7/8th May also represents the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day –  the triumph of the Allied forces and the end of the second world war in Europe.

Biblically 70 is a significant number, and stands for the completion or fulness of a period of time. I believe that this 100 days is essential for prayer and intercession for this nation. During the seventy year period since the liberation of Auschwitz there has generally been a sympathetic understanding of the horrors suffered by the Jewish people, which has spurred on the the foundation of the State of Israel and retained a basic acknowledgement of Israel’s right to exist peacefully within its borders.

Towards the end of that 70 year period, public opinion in many parts of the world has seen a slide into a more anti-Israel stance, and waves of antisemitism have hit the news headlines. There are some voices in Europe that would have us move the horrors of Nazism towards the Jews into the past, but without a constant awareness of history we are destined to repeat history’s mistakes. The famous quote of the poet and philosopher, George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” remains an ever-present and sobering truth. We are coming out of a ’70’, where the significance of the treatment of the Jewish people has shaped history. What will the next 70 years produce? We are about to come to the close of a ’70’, where this nation has lived in the fruit of victory in WW2. What will be the fruit of the next 70 years?

The question before our nation as we move towards the next election of a Government is, “What stance will that Government take towards Israel and its people?”. God’s Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, remains true; those who bless Israel will be blessed. This question may not form the significant percentages in the opinion polls on what are the key issues for Government, but it forms the top of the list for God’s opinion poll.

We believe that we have this hundred day season to pray and seek God for this nation’s future. That future is unbreakably tied to the next Government’s position towards Israel and whether it stands to bless or curse the Jewish people. Church, let’s pray for our Government to be.



I came across a tweet from Bishop T D Jakes which stood out among the plethora of words talking to me from my computer. I posted it on Facebook and have received several responses to it with people wanting to talk about it or comment on it.

TWITTER @BishopJakes
“Those who really love you will speak the truth to you at the risk of falling out with you. Loving truth from a friend is better than gold.”

This is a great quote and increasingly vital for all of us if we want to truly make our lives count and not be sidetracked or deceived by our own ‘self-blindness’ along the way. True friends who will lovingly but obstinately speak the key things we really need to hear are very rare. If you have one – hang on to them and don’t get offended when they say something you don’t like! I speak to myself here also!! Ha ha.

May we all find friendships this year that have this priceless quality about them. I pray in GVC as we develop more ‘church as family’ this aspect – truly loving and lovingly true – will develop more. Have a blessed 2013.



Reminder: Scott Dalton (Rivers of Grace / Catch the Fire) will be in Golden  Valley Church for one night only onTuesday 2nd October 2012. The meeting entitled, “Stepping into Destiny” will take place at 7:30pm at “the Firehouse”. There will be no charge for this event, but an offering will be taken up.

Come an join us for a great time of worship, Bible teaching, and Holy Spirit ministry!


by Jean Packer

Sunday 27th February

Throughout the worship we heard a deep call to intimacy with God, and felt a tangible pull and hunger to come closer and seek His presence for ourselves, and in all that we do. We also heard that this is a strategic year and there are birth pangs of something new being born amongst us. God has the blueprint and wants us to be involved from the planning to completion. He has the logistics and solutions for us.

Paul shared the word and reminded us that last week, Wes showed us that God is humorous and added that He is not pretentious either and wants us to hear and comprehend the destiny of our lives that has been in place for all eternity. God has a plan to open our eyes to what He is going to do and speaks to us plainly in ways that He knows we will understand.

Isaiah 42:9 “Behold the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

Isaiah was a man who drew close to God’s heart and God gave him things to speak and also some not yet to be revealed.

By illustrating the old programme of ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ . Paul shared the excitement that he used to feel as a boy when, through ‘Bruce Forsyth’s introductions throughout the show led to the heavy curtain opening to reveal the next act. He then told us how God wants to draw back the curtains and reveal things to us. He wants us to get excited and to be involved in all that He has for us.

We all need to hear from God and be aware of His voice. We need to know where our place is because God wants to complete the plans He has for us. This is found through entering into intimate relationship with God and embracing one another into our lives.The Lord’s presence will then be seen in us and through us as individuals and as a family group. This teaching from Paul was extremely encouraging and uplifting. Many of us received hope and went forward for prayer in order to move forward into our destiny.


by Jean Packer

Sunday 15th August was an awe-inspiring meeting in Golden Valley Church. The worship had already begun when I arrived and I seemed to enter into a cloud of Glory that was increasingly descending upon the place. The cares of my week diminished and were put into right perspective in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. The Lord showed me a picture of an old-fashioned western ‘ghost’ town that was dry and barren with great swirling grasses rolling through the main street. Then I saw  this view roll back to reveal a beautiful city of sparkling gems, pearls and colour. The former, sepia picture faded away in comparison to the magnificent richness of the ‘sparkling city’ before me. God said to me “which is your perspective? Look and see the kingdom truth with my eyes”!

During the worship Sue  T testified to a recent experience when the Holy Spirit was flowing into her heart, going deeper into areas where there were hard and dry places. Seeds were lying dormant within her. Wes encouraged us to allow the Holy Spirit to touch these areas in our own hearts and he reminded us of the word from the previous week  ‘ God wants us to give Him our weaknesses’.  He strongly roused us to look at our good inheritance that was lying dormant within us, we were inspired to take hold of all of it and walk in the fullness of our calling. A Healing ‘soaking’ pool opened up on the left side of the room and Wes exhorted us to go over and receive a touch from God. This was powerful and I felt that there were angels all around. Several people received a waterfall of passion and joy! One person testified to feeling God’s love flowing over and within her as she was enveloped with His assurance and peace. Later, Mick brought testimonies that emphasised two different keys that unlocked people’s healing. One key being ‘repentance’ and the other key ‘forgiveness’.

Muriel conveyed a powerful word from Acts 16:9 –15. She shared about the few faithful women who were praying in Macedonia which was a place in decline, yet we saw how God will go to places that man would disregard. It was through women praying that released the men. As a result, Paul had a vision of a man pleading with him to come to Macedonia and he went there. We realised that praying women open the heavens and release the harvest! We then prayed corporately that the men of our society would be released to be who God has called them to be and laid hands on the men in our own congregation. We prayed that the heart, and the will of God that was within them would be released in the kingdom, that they would grow strong and take their rightful place. Then the men prayed for the women. This was powerful! We went home awestruck of the possibilities set before us as we contemplated what God will do through us as we totally submit our hearts to Him.

Isn’t that mind-blowing? What will happen when the men and women of God take hold of their full inheritance and become the people that they are called to be? Can you see it? Taste it? Feel it? Wow! Lets be those people! Experience the fullness of God! Each one of us is unique, with a unique calling and destiny to fulfil. God wants us to be who we are! Isn’t that liberating? Open and Transparent. Just like Jesus!