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This morning in Golden Valley Church, Wes read out the prayer attributed to Sir Francis Drake [c1540 to 1596]. Drake was a product of his time, an era of ongoing war between the European sea-going nations, and valued as a hero to the English and a 'pirate' to the Spanish, whose territories he often raided… Continue reading PRAYER OF THE SEA CAPTAIN

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Thank you for sharing this, Michele. Note: I hadn't meant this to be reposted initially, just to thank Michele. But somehow it reblogged! So let it touch you today. May Father bless you. (Michele Perry was leader of IRIS ministries Sudan, for several years. Please visit her blog for more, or get her books from… Continue reading WHOLEHEARTED FAITH

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by Jean Packer Sunday 31st January It is so good to have Wes and Sharron back with us this week and there was great prophesy brought to us throughout the worship time. Wes sang that God wanted to take us to the banqueting table. He wants to take us by the hand and lead us… Continue reading THE FRUITFULL BOUGH