No it’s not the name of a pub or a football match but it is with great pleasure we welcome another visit to Golden Valley Church by Scott and Hilary Dalton from “Rivers of Grace Ministries”, and who are also itinerant ministers out of “Catch the Fire, Toronto” (previously Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship).

Scott and Hilary travel widely sharing the love of God the Father through teaching and prayer ministry. Their mandate is “to ignite a passionate love for Jesus in the hearts of all people”. They believe this passion will be ignited as people deeply encounter both the Word of God and the Presence of God.

Last year they were with us for a weekend conference entitled, “The Battle Belongs to the Lord”, which as the title suggests focused on finding the victory in life that belongs to us because of Jesus Christ. The teaching was Biblical, clear, practical and relevant, and the presence of the Holy Spirit evident throughout.

The Daltons are with us again in Golden Valley Church on Saturday and Sunday the 18th and 19th September. Meetings will be held in Innsworth Community Hall commencing 1pm on Saturday, and finishing about 4:30pm on Sunday.

“All things are possible to those who believe!” Maybe you are familiar with those words, and long to find a deeper reality of them in your life. the subject of faith can be confusing and challenging, and often bring pressure, disappointment, or condemnation.

Battle Belongs to the Lord conferenceIn this conference we will be trusting God to assist us in removing some of the ‘roadblocks’ in faith, to renew our hearts and minds, and set us free to believe in Father’s love and the Word of God in much greater measure. Come expecting to be impacted by God’s loving presence and powerful word.

Further details can be found on our website, or on our Facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=140551332643124&ref=ts



This week we begin praying for ‘Zone F’ in our season of prayer for Gloucester. Over the past couple of months we have prayed for the Barnwood and Brockworth communities – for the people and their homes; for the children and the needy; for the schools, businesses and churches.

Some of Golden Valley Church members have walked the community streets praying as they walk, for blessing on the people who live and work in those streets.

We believe that God wants to bless our city and that He is well able to make himself known and to help and assist those who call on Him.

We pray for signs and miracles to flow and for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit on all our lives. We pray that individuals, families, and businesses will prosper because of His love and involvement. We pray for those in authority and local government and honour them for the work they do.

Please join us as we now pray for the ‘Coney Hill’  area of Gloucester (our ‘Zone F’).


What a privilege it was to share with Paul and Helen and their family and friends as they renewed their marriage vows together after 34 years.

Paul & Helen renewalThe service took place in Wheatpieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury on Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere was one of awe and joy and appreciation to God. The service was led jointly by Wes & Sharron Boxall, and worship led by Rebecca and Colin Boucker. Paul and Helen testified in their vows to God’s goodness to them as a couple and made promises for the future. A short address was given by Colin Sinclair, former pastor of Prior’s Park Chapel in Tewkesbury; who had also conducted the couple’s original wedding. Church leaders, family members, and friends gathered around the couple to pray for God’s blessing on their future together, and to express the honour that was in God’s heart for them.

Many of the couple’s original wedding guests were also present for the renewal service as well as family and new friends. The service was followed by photographs within the grounds of the Centre, and a fabulous buffet meal, with a chance to catch up with people. It was indeed a wonderful occasion, and underscored afresh the Godly importance of marriage and family.


As we lead up to the Glory School in May, and as we share a desire for our city and region to be blessed and prospered by God, and as we know that He has a desire to pour out His love and grace to heal and free people’s lives, we are commencing another season of prayer for our region, commencing today. We will begin by praying for the Innsworth and Longlevens areas of Gloucester, and over the next few weeks will also pray for Churchdown and beyond.

If you are a GVC member or friend and are not able to join us in corporate prayer times, please join us anyway and seek God’s heart for this area and the people who live in it. We believe He has not come to judge and criticise but to help, heal, and bless. We ask for that as we pray together.