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It is 100 days from the 70th anniversary of the ending of the holocaust in the liberation of Auschwitz (27th January 2015) until the General Election in Britain on 7th May 2015. We believe this hundred days is vital for prayer, as the choice made by the British people this time round will significantly shape… Continue reading SEVENTY YEARS AND ONE HUNDRED DAYS

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It was a timely and strategic nine days of prayer as members of Golden Valley Church gathered to pray and call on God for 'emergency' situations around the world. The 9 days in the 9th month commenced with 9 hours of prayer. Special prayer focuses were on the UK and for our Government in the… Continue reading 999 PRAYER CALL

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by Wes Boxall Having spent several hours this past week in our month of prayer sessions, especially crying out to God for our nation and Government, and for Him to raise up the godly in authority, and then having spoken this weekend on our "School of Prophets" regarding the prophetic voice being released into every… Continue reading THE DANIEL VOICE

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We watched the news of the changeover of Government last night and spent an evening in Churchdown, praying for all the parties, and for this country which is in a crucial stage. We pray for unity and lasting togetherness in the new coalition - and bless them to do well. Here are a few of… Continue reading PRAYER EVENING FOR THE UK

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As we move into a change of Government in the UK, we give honour where it is due. We honour the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I believe that within a context of enormous pressure and hostile criticism he has sought to govern with integrity and faithfulness. Honour is due to him, his wife Sarah,… Continue reading HONOUR DUE