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This Tuesday sees the last of our 'Winter Bible Studies' before Christmas, and is the second of our studies on 'worship', entitled, "David's Dance Across The Line". It is part of a series from "Christianity Today". Based on the story of King David who was so abandoned in his love of God that he cared… Continue reading DAVID’S DANCE

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That's the title of tonight's 'Winter Bible Study' - Get Rid of Fear. This is the second out of three studies on 'Fear'. Fear is a natural, and sometimes healthy emotion, but at other times can paralyse us and rob us of experiences and growth that are ours. So often Jesus tells us, "Fear Not!"… Continue reading GET RID OF FEAR

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This evening we begin a series of Bible Studies as part of our home group sessions. There are six studies before Christmas and three after. We wanted to put in some more formal structure for a few weeks over the winter season. Before Christmas, there will be three studies on "FEAR" and three on "WORSHIP".… Continue reading WINTER BIBLE STUDIES