prayerIt’s been about two years now since we began regular “House of Prayer” sessions in Golden Valley Church. They are awesome times!
People who are hungry for God gather to worship and pray. The sessions are well-attended, and well-loved.
This week Tuesday night’s session focused on prayer for Israel and Palestine. This morning we prayed especially for our own city of Gloucester.
We love being a House of Prayer and a House of Worship. We appreciate this calling from God that is ours. We can only say, “More Lord!”



During February on Tuesday evenings we are using live and archived streaming from the IHOP (International House of Prayer Kansas City) 24/7 Prayer Room. This is to supplement our already existing House of Prayer sessions in Golden Valley Church.


IHOP Prayer Room is a highly valued unceasing offering of prayer and worship, day and night, seven days a week. We are thankful for the ability to tune in and share with our friends in KC as we seek God together.

Sessions in GVC will run from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on Tuesdays this month, and will also sometimes include additional content.


It will be our pleasure to welcome Pastor Claude Ezagouri to Golden Valley Church next Friday evening.

Together with his wife, Michelle, Claude pastors the ‘Morning Star Fellowship’ in Tiberias, Galilee, a famous Biblical town.

The Morning Star Fellowship was founded in 1990, and involves evangelism to both Jews and non-Jews. The fellowship has been called a house of prayer for all nations: a light that will guide  people in the dark Galilee of the end times before the coming of Yeshua the Sun of Righteousness (Mal. 4:2).

Their Vision is to show the Jews in the Galilee that Yeshua (Jesus) has not forgotten this area where He taught and did so many miracles.

Claude says, “We want to show our Jewish brothers and sisters that Yeshua (Jesus) is firstly the Messiah of the Jews and that He still loves them with an everlasting love. We are also in the process of renovating a building in the center of Tiberias which will serve as a Messianic center where Jews and non-Jews in Christ will be able to worship and pray together. We also want to bless our community through several projects.”


It was a great hour of worship and prayer last Friday morning, with the majestic sounding of church bells at exactly 8:12am for three minutes. Along with many thousands across the UK we made a noise! Other church bells could be heard in the distance, and the chimes of Big Ben sounding from a car radio. In 1942 when Churchill called for the church bells to rung across the nation, and for the people to pray, there was a turning of the tide in the war. We believe that was divine intervention. And we believe God can intervene in and for this nation again; maybe not with ‘physical war’, but with the war for hearts and minds, for morals, and the future of the British people.

As a part of our House of Prayer, we engaged in worshipping God and calling on Him for mercy on our nation and a turning of the tide of unrighteousness, and life without Him. We prayed for the Government, the police, education, business, and the church; that in all these areas God will Himself be glorified.

After that we prayed for the Olympics, commencing that evening; for the nations who have come to Britain for the event; for the athletes, and for the crowds attending.

We know that God loves this nation, and its godly heritage is no accident. Let’s keep on calling out to Him for a ‘turning of the tide’ in our land.


On Friday 27th July we will be holding a special ‘House of Prayer’ session at ‘the Firehouse’ from 8am to 9am in conjunction with other prayer and worship across various parts of the country.

According to the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham (UK), on July the 27th 1942, the then Prime Minister of Britain, Sir Winston Churchill, requested that all the church bells should be rung across the UK. He later stated that up to the bells being rung we had lost every battle; after the bells had been rung we won every battle.

On July 27th (the day when the Olympic Games start in the evening) at 8:12am exactly 70 years to the day, from the last day of the first battle of El Alamein, the Olympic Committee has asked that all the bells across the nation should be rung.

Everyone in the UK is invited to ring thousands of bells at the same time, whether school bells, church bells, town hall bells,  bicycle bells, or door bells (

“We invite everyone to stop and pray at 8:12am for His Kingdom to come and for a turning to come in our nations.”

Do it again Lord!


This next Sunday will be our last at the Firehouse for the time being, as we still have further work to do on the premises before they are completely functional.

We will continue to hold ‘House of Prayer’ sessions in Coney Hill together with training sessions, but Sunday services will return to Innsworth Community Hall from 11th March.

The programme for this Sunday is:

Main meeting at 10:30am and Soaking Prayer at 2:30pm, both at the Firehouse.