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This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, a celebration carried from the Jewish feast of Shavuot, and for us remembering the time when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the church after Jesus returned to the Father. How precious is the person of Holy Spirit!! How He continues to pour out on, and among, us! What… Continue reading PENTECOST SUNDAY

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by Jean Packer Sunday March 6th What an incredible worship time we had this morning! It was truly very special, particularly today, as we shared in the dedication service for Nathan and Nahid's children Noah and Sophia. It was such a privilege to be part of this beautiful time in their lives and commit ourselves… Continue reading HEIRS OF A PROMISE

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That's the title of tonight's 'Winter Bible Study' - Get Rid of Fear. This is the second out of three studies on 'Fear'. Fear is a natural, and sometimes healthy emotion, but at other times can paralyse us and rob us of experiences and growth that are ours. So often Jesus tells us, "Fear Not!"… Continue reading GET RID OF FEAR

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by Jean Packer Sunday 22nd August God released a new sound of worship at Golden Valley Church this Sunday! As I listened to the sound of Colin's prophetic call of the drums I was caught up with something that I can barely define … We seemed to enter into realms of the Holy Spirit where… Continue reading ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!