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As we approach another Christmas, and many of us are caught up in a flurry of activity, in addition to carrying concerns for church and nation, we do well to remember that the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago is a powerful statement of the premium God places on simplicity. I was… Continue reading SIMPLE TRUTH

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The subject of grace is a hot topic in some parts of the church right now. I have observed friends who have received greater revelation of the grace of God in Christ which has given them a new sense of freedom, joy, and peace. I applaud such fruit. The grace of God which is ours… Continue reading HOW EXTREME IS GRACE?

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It was a truly awesome weekend in GVC as Emad and Ash shared with us their own remarkable testimonies, stories of what is happening in Egypt right now, and encouragements from the Word of God. The Presence of God crammed the worship, which was poignant with prophetic urgency. But it was the (repeated) exhortation by… Continue reading EGYPT’S CHRISTIANS’ PRAYER EXAMPLE

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Often at the beginning of a New Year we have a clear mandate or direction from God as to the focus or prophetic significance of that year. We knew that 2013 was a 'year of alignment' and we have spent many occasions in prayer regarding this.┬áThere are some who interpret the current Hebrew year 5774… Continue reading OPEN DOORS IN 2014

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On Good Friday we commemorate the death of Jesus Christ who was crucified on behalf of humanity. Why us it 'good'?┬áThe horrors of crucifixion cannot be called 'good'. The murder of an innocent man by jealous religious leaders conspiring against Him can't be called 'good'. The rejection of One who healed the sick and blessed… Continue reading GOOD FRIDAY

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Sunday 13th March by Jean Packer Come drink of unfailing love Come feast on unfailing love deep, deep love He's calling out to you Come away with me Beloved, the winter is past Sorrow is past Unfailing love I'm so loved by you Nothing can ever fade away Thank you this morning for such Incredible… Continue reading UNFAILING LOVE

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That's the title of tonight's 'Winter Bible Study' - Get Rid of Fear. This is the second out of three studies on 'Fear'. Fear is a natural, and sometimes healthy emotion, but at other times can paralyse us and rob us of experiences and growth that are ours. So often Jesus tells us, "Fear Not!"… Continue reading GET RID OF FEAR

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As part of our "All Things Are Possible" conference Scott and Hilary Dalton delivered a powerful session of teaching and impartation of God the Father's love, and a revelation of what He is really like. Most, if not all of us, have a distorted view of God - compared to the way Jesus saw and… Continue reading POWERFUL TEACHING ON THE FATHER’S LOVE