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What a delight this past weekend has been with John Thomas, President of (John Paul Jackson’s) Streams Ministries, in Golden Valley Church. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity of hosting John, together with Streams Training Centre UK. The weekend consisted of a powerful,  revelation-filled conference entitled, “Engaging the Angelic” where we examined the scriptures… Continue reading JOHN THOMAS

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One of the things I was hearing as I was awakening today was, "Spirit of Absalom". I heard it clearly. I was aware of some of what it meant, and having spent yesterday's preaching in GVC talking about the battles of moving into a new season, I am reflecting on how this spirit works to… Continue reading ABSALOM SPIRIT

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God is speaking today! Many people across the world are finding He is speaking to them in and through their dreams. In February, we will be holding a one day dream interpretation workshop followed by a 'dream lab' three weeks later, with Tony Cooke, from (the late John Paul Jackson's) "Streams Ministries" MAKING SENSE OF… Continue reading YOU MUST BE DREAMING

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A fantastic couple of days were experienced by those who attended the "Understanding Dreams and Visions" course at Golden Valley Church. The materials were produced by the late John Paul Jackson and were taught by a team from Streams Ministries UK. Being reminded of the fact that God spoke through dreams and visions in Biblical… Continue reading UNDERSTANDING DREAMS AND VISIONS COURSE