By Jean Packer

There has been much prayer sent forth. The word of God has been spoken over our community through our faithful prayer teams that have gone out walking, cycling and driving around the area. Decrees have been spoken and  are reaping fruit!  Penny gave us testimony of the wonderful response from clients that she has received recently in her work at the salon. She testified that during one week  clients were very receptive to the gospel message and responded warmly and positively to these truths. It turned out that this particular week was when prayers were being prayed for her salon and the surrounding area!

Bex has invaluable roles in church and it was her turn to speak out a very clear word that God had put on her heart through Acts 17:16.  Paul was provoked to speak to the people in Athens when he saw that the city was given over to idols. He was moved by God’s compassion and spoke to them whenever he could. He saw the statue with the inscription ‘ to the unknown God’, and used this illustration in order to speak Gods truth and proclaim Gods word to them; which is sharp and His word never falls to the ground! As a result of hearing these wonderful truths, some of the people believed and were saved.  Praise God!

We were then taken to Genesis 2:7 where we saw that God breathed His life into man. His breath of life was given to us! This was a moment of intimacy between God and man, when Heaven touched earth! This makes us different from other creatures on earth. God calls us sons and daughters. He spoke and all things came into being and He breathed His very own breath into us and gave us life. Isn’t that awesome! We were then taken to Ezekiel 37. This chapter illustrates the valley of dry bones. When Ezekiel prophesied over them bone came to bone, sinews and the flesh came upon them and the breath of God came into them and gave them life! How amazing is that?

We are made in his image! We have the living breath of God in us! and what we speak out has cause and effect as the power of life and death is in the tongue! Because we have His life we can bring His life! Just like Paul in Athens, when we line up with the Holy Spirit we can prophesy into the situations that we are in and see them change for the better. We can prophesy over our loved ones, our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues and see God work in their hearts. Also, we can prophesy over our communities and see changes for the better happen – there are no limits to God’s power if only we believe, trust and act in obedience.

We shared communion together this week and it felt very special.  Muriel shared about a powerful time when she felt the breath of God move through a meeting in Toronto, touching the hearts and lives of the congregation that was present.To conclude the service we were invited to soak in God’s presence and experience His intimacy and love. It is out of our relationship with our loving Father that we live and work and bring His bidding into the world.

It’s significant that this Sunday fell on 10.10.10. What an amazing date! It only happens once a century. It means completion and new beginnings! So full of Gods promises for us to take hold of and run with! Are we ready? Praise changes the atmosphere! Lets see the power of God increasingly released amongst us!



by Jean Packer

More Lord, CheltenhamThere were around 100 people gathered at the Cheltenham Regency Hotel on Tuesday evening, for our ‘More Lord’ conference, with Pastor Steve Long from Toronto, Canada.

It was great to join together in worship and encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit within this comfortable venue. The staff were very welcoming too and some were interested to know and see what we were there for! We believe that a deposit of His glory has been left behind and that many people will be touched as they experience the presence of Jesus – Praise God! We have a great worship team! The worship was very potent and we rapidly became lost in His presence as we were drawn into the throne room of His Glory. This was enjoyed by all and our hearts were united as His presence was multiplied!

Steve LongSteve began by building our faith with many healing testimonies given through ordinary people, speaking about how God uses whosoever will allow themselves to be His vessels. He shared Gods heart to touch us and heal us and explained that ‘Sozo’ means ‘complete healing and wholeness’. Yet God doesn’t wait for us to be perfect in order use us. He will take us as we are. Sometimes we don’t know how to pray but God uses us anyway because Its not about us doing it, but allowing Him to flow through us. Simple faith! Do we really believe God’s word! Steve empathised some keys to healing. Keys of forgiveness and confession. He highlighted the importance of not judging others or going to sleep with anger in our hearts. We were also shown how we need to deal with ungodly beliefs that prevent us from stepping out in childlike faith to give and receive our healing.

Pastor Steve continued by sharing the longing of God to activate in us three main areas of restoration: 1/ Relationships 2/ Finance and 3/Healing. Many people responded to these areas of need and we were encouraged to lay hands upon, and pray for one another. One young man said that he did not know what to do because he had just come along with a friend! Steve told him that he could say whatever he thought of and God would lead him in his prayer. When the young man prayed, the receiver testified to being healed! This was truly a demonstration of Gods power and we all laughed with pleasure and delight at what God had done!

Testimonies of HealingThe ministry time was quite long as many people had responded to prayer. There was a great deal of spiritual activity amongst us as the Holy Spirit worked and people were touched, healed and set free to a larger extent of wholeness. Around 15 people came forward to share their testimonies of healing. Half of them were healed completely and the others were 50% healed! I can personally testify that my crooked right leg and knee received a measure of straightening and healing – and pain was removed! Steve concluded the meeting by announcing that after ministry and prayer we needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit! We had great fun, joy and laughter as the Holy Spirit came upon us and filled us!

It was great to have Steve with us again. His clarity of thought enabled him to impart what he carried to us plainly. This means that we can receive and run with these truths ourselves! We can all be used by God to bring a healing touch to others. Simply step out and obey! ‘More Lord!


GVC day out 2010Our annual Barbie day was spent at Cotswold Water Park near Cirencester on August 1st. It was such a beautiful setting to all get together for a day out and we were very privileged to be in one of the best areas. Thanks to the outstanding organisation of Ian and Muriel we had a great spot with a large BBQ, benches and tables to sit on, Two large gazebos to sit under and even a super beach that the children loved! We also had open spaces to play games of football in, and to throw frisbees ,,,, tho’ contact with the frisbee was VERY close to me on a couple of occasions. I now know what it feels like to have a ‘close shave’!

We had an abundance of delicious food! Everyone brought plenty of sausages, beefburgers, chicken, bacon, lamb kebabs, chops and steak! We also had strawberries and cream and fresh pineapple. It was enough to feed the 5000 and I actually believe that the food grew as there was loads left over! Colin was a great chef and Bex was a great commis! At one point Bex forgot herself in worship and thought she was bringing manna down from heaven! (We have photograph evidence to prove it).

GVC day out 2010The weather was nice and sunny, with just a light shower of rain. One or two people did wrap themselves up occasionally and Wes looked very fetching in a cerise pink blanket with a beautiful lacy edge! There was a great turn out of people and it was lovely to all be together, have time to share ourselves and get involved with each other more. We had time to connect a little further and relax in who we are. We also sat in a circle together and prophesied over each other! Everyone enjoyed the day and Joanne felt the day was ‘Awesome’ – “totally loving each other – the way Jesus wants it to be Hey! It’s so important to build bridges with one another and to be honest and transparent. In turn, this builds a bridge to the world that is looking for people who are real and aren’t afraid to admit to being in process … not easy … but breathtakingly refreshing!

GVC day out 2010‘ What binds us together is not common education, common race, common income levels, common politics, common nationality, common accents, common jobs, or anything else of the sort. Christians come together … because … they have all been loved by Jesus Himself … they are a band of natural enemies who love one another for Jesus’ sake.
(D. A. Carson)

posted by Jean Packer


This week we begin praying for ‘Zone F’ in our season of prayer for Gloucester. Over the past couple of months we have prayed for the Barnwood and Brockworth communities – for the people and their homes; for the children and the needy; for the schools, businesses and churches.

Some of Golden Valley Church members have walked the community streets praying as they walk, for blessing on the people who live and work in those streets.

We believe that God wants to bless our city and that He is well able to make himself known and to help and assist those who call on Him.

We pray for signs and miracles to flow and for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit on all our lives. We pray that individuals, families, and businesses will prosper because of His love and involvement. We pray for those in authority and local government and honour them for the work they do.

Please join us as we now pray for the ‘Coney Hill’  area of Gloucester (our ‘Zone F’).


As we lead up to the Glory School in May, and as we share a desire for our city and region to be blessed and prospered by God, and as we know that He has a desire to pour out His love and grace to heal and free people’s lives, we are commencing another season of prayer for our region, commencing today. We will begin by praying for the Innsworth and Longlevens areas of Gloucester, and over the next few weeks will also pray for Churchdown and beyond.

If you are a GVC member or friend and are not able to join us in corporate prayer times, please join us anyway and seek God’s heart for this area and the people who live in it. We believe He has not come to judge and criticise but to help, heal, and bless. We ask for that as we pray together.