by Jean Packer

The ‘School of Leaders’ and ‘School of Prophets’ Graduation Supper was exceptional. We entered a transformed ‘Firehouse’ to a welcoming glass of  juice and enjoyed time to mingle and chat with one another. The room was decorated with flowers and little plants. Each table was beautifully laid with cutlery, glasses and serviettes and the white tablecloths had gold and silver stars scattered over them. Seats had place names thoughtfully positioned and candles were lit to add to the ambiance created by soft background music. The dinner menu was distinctive and appealing with a choice of three courses and included catering for vegetarians. Each course was superb and delicious accompanied with red and white wine and chilled water. The dinner ended with a choice of coffee or tea and chocolates.

We were blessed that our guest speaker was Pastor Alison Bates from CCC Church in Cheltenham. Alison began by commending the schools for completing their courses, especially those who had given of their time to attend both schools in their desire to grow in the Lord. Alison continued by speaking about the calling and cost, yet honour of leadership. She spoke of the temptations that leaders can face in desiring to serve their own ministries. Leaders are called to serve others and she emphasised the importance of character before gifting through sharing with us that this is something she always looks for. This is primarily the quality that is needed to lead others into God’s fullness. The ‘Firehouse’ was highlighted as a place that has been positioned in an area often thought of as marginalised. Leaders are called to serve and to restore hope, value and dignity to the communit. Jesus reached out to those who were wounded and hurting. He restored dignity to them. We are called to do this wherever He may lead us.

After this, our leaders spoke to us with affirmation and encouragement to reach forward to all God has called and equipped us to. Wes and Sharron called each member of the school forward and we individually went up to shake their hands. Alison also shook our hands as she presented us with our certificates. This was done with great applause and happiness. Afterwards, amid much fun and laughter each school were grouped together and photographed by those who had brought their camera. The evening ended on a high note and we left feeling we had experienced a very special occasion.

Our Pastors, Wes, Sharron, Ian and Muriel lovingly prepared, cooked and served us with honour. We were privileged to attend and receive such blessing from our remarkable leaders. They truly demonstrated the Father heart of God towards us in their service of love. He is generous and pours out to us lavishly the best of the best and this is what we received from them.

Golden Valley Church Gloucester



Tom and Abi AllsopIt was an enormous pleasure to welcome Tom and Abi Allsop, associate pastors of ‘Catch the Fire’ Wembley, to teach in Golden Valley Church’s “School of Prophets” on Saturday.

As always, we are grateful for the way God’s Presence was rich and evident. The day began with an amazing time of soaking prayer led by Sharron, and worship led by Paul and Helen Tropman. Wes taught a session on God’s love for cities and how we should be praying and prophesying over our cities.

Tom & Abi Allsop at Golden Valley Church

Afterwards Tom and Abi taught on living out of our ‘sonship’ as sons and daughters of God, on understanding that we are living as holy people, and how we partner with God when He speaks to us.

We are grateful to God the Father for His continuing love and grace which never leaves us and gives us hope.


by Wes Boxall

Having spent several hours this past week in our month of prayer sessions, especially crying out to God for our nation and Government, and for Him to raise up the godly in authority, and then having spoken this weekend on our “School of Prophets” regarding the prophetic voice being released into every area of government and society – the ‘Daniels’ – I was well blessed to read a tweet from Beth Redman this afternoon.

“Beth Redman: Heading home from an extraordinary mtg in Westminster talking to MP’s about @TheA21Campaign schools program#didthatreallyjusthappen?!!”

Well done Beth! Bring it on!! May God establish His ‘Daniel’ voices and His agents throughout this land and release a turning back to Him… for the sake of us all, especially our children and grandchildren.



GVC School of Prophets recommences on Saturday 11th February after the winter break. Participants will continue training in Biblical prophetic and communicating God’s voice and heart.
So far the course has been well attended and appreciated. We look forward to more as we continue.


“School of Prophets” began on Saturday in Innsworth Community Hall. The participants came from several churches in the Gloucester / Cheltenham area, and together experienced a great time of learning to hear God better, understanding prophetic giftings, and the history of Schools of Prophets in the Old Testament. There was plenty of encouragement in worship and sharing God’s blessings with one another.

The school is being run as a result of a prophetic word which Wes & Sharron received from Stacey Campbell a few years ago – awesome to see it beginning to come to pass.

As well as live teaching from the pastors of GVC, the participants received video input from Mark Virkler and Lynley Allan.

More Lord!!


It’s almost here! Golden Valley Church School of Prophets commences on Saturday.

Taking place one Saturday per month over the next six months, the school will be an opportunity for students to develop their prophetic giftings, understand the role of prophecy in the Bible and today, catch God’s heart for the nations, and learn to hear God better.

We are so excited to be running this school this Winter season. The school will be led by Wes & Sharron Boxall, with video teaching by Mark Virkler and others.