Yesterday, Sharron brought us a great preach on Mary, mother of Jesus. What an amazing woman!!

ImageNon-catholic churches so often ignore, or even despise, Mary, yet we should all be giving her deep honour and respect. Here was one woman out of all the women who ever lived who was chosen to carry God’s own Son. She uniquely opened the way for the earth to receive salvation, and as such she stands alone in history, to be honoured and loved.

Mary’s place of continuous inner prayer as she pondered in heart God’s plans for her and her son enabled her to pass through deep uncertainties and intense pain. She made herself available to be placed in a position of rumour, misunderstanding and shame for the rest of her life as she agreed to the divine pregnancy. She experienced the supernatural overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, and at the cross remained close, even when the men ran away.

There is so much to learn and emulate from her lifestyle. Take time to meditate on it this week.



Reminder: Scott Dalton (Rivers of Grace / Catch the Fire) will be in Golden  Valley Church for one night only onTuesday 2nd October 2012. The meeting entitled, “Stepping into Destiny” will take place at 7:30pm at “the Firehouse”. There will be no charge for this event, but an offering will be taken up.

Come an join us for a great time of worship, Bible teaching, and Holy Spirit ministry!


by Jean Packer

Sunday 27th February

Throughout the worship we heard a deep call to intimacy with God, and felt a tangible pull and hunger to come closer and seek His presence for ourselves, and in all that we do. We also heard that this is a strategic year and there are birth pangs of something new being born amongst us. God has the blueprint and wants us to be involved from the planning to completion. He has the logistics and solutions for us.

Paul shared the word and reminded us that last week, Wes showed us that God is humorous and added that He is not pretentious either and wants us to hear and comprehend the destiny of our lives that has been in place for all eternity. God has a plan to open our eyes to what He is going to do and speaks to us plainly in ways that He knows we will understand.

Isaiah 42:9 “Behold the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

Isaiah was a man who drew close to God’s heart and God gave him things to speak and also some not yet to be revealed.

By illustrating the old programme of ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ . Paul shared the excitement that he used to feel as a boy when, through ‘Bruce Forsyth’s introductions throughout the show led to the heavy curtain opening to reveal the next act. He then told us how God wants to draw back the curtains and reveal things to us. He wants us to get excited and to be involved in all that He has for us.

We all need to hear from God and be aware of His voice. We need to know where our place is because God wants to complete the plans He has for us. This is found through entering into intimate relationship with God and embracing one another into our lives.The Lord’s presence will then be seen in us and through us as individuals and as a family group. This teaching from Paul was extremely encouraging and uplifting. Many of us received hope and went forward for prayer in order to move forward into our destiny.